Lovely Illumination

This is my first actual photo shoot with the lovely Lumen Izabella! She is the daughter of Amy Cundiff Tavakouli and Brian Klepp of Gainesville, Florida. Totally impromptu…nothing fancy, nothing planned, no props…just little Lumen, the light of our lives, as her name implies. Did I forget to mention that Lumen is my niece?

There is nothing like a spring break on the sunny beaches of Florida. I was fortunate enough this year to be able to unite with a lot of family. My two sisters, Kim and Amy, live in Gainesville. As we stopped over on our way to the ocean, we managed to twist a few arms and persuaded Amy, her husband Brian, and daughter, Lumen, to join us for a few days of sun soaked bliss. Lumen had just turned one on March 31st, right before this trip. I have wanted to shoot photos of her ever since she was born, but distance and brief visits have prevented a good opportunity. The occasion for this mini shoot presented itself one afternoon following some pool time. I was admiring Lumen’s look in her new beach cover and thought to myself, “there is no better time than right now.” I scooped her up and took her out on our 5th story balcony with the waves crashing in the distance. My brother (her uncle), Jamin, tried to keep her smiling. This was an extremely quick and informal shoot, lasting no longer than ten minutes. I know photos of a crying baby may trouble some people, but I have to say these are some of my favorites. I don’t mean to suggest I like seeing a child cry. I only snapped a few after she started to get upset, but I liked capturing the progression in her emotions.

I have to share another tidbit from our trip; as we were homeward bound, something very cool happened. There in Florida my parents, Jamin, and I were able to unite with my other brother, Trey. Trey is in the Coast Guard, stationed in Boston, Massachusetts. My mom’s prayers were answered once again; the Coast Guard likes to plan their voyages around the Cundiff family’s vacations (lol). We met up with Trey in Mayport, Florida where his ship had come into port! As coincidental as this sounds, since one cannot really plan around Coast Guard missions, we also joined with him there last summer! During that last visit, the entire family, including Kim, Amy, Lumen, and Brian, gathered with Trey at the same port for family portraits on the beach. Check out some of the shots from last year’s family shoot:
~Family Shot
~ Family shot
~ Amy and Brian
~ Sandy Feet
~ Mom and Dad

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