“The Big C”

Casey County Relay for Life May 11, 2012

Whether you are battling this awful disease, miraculously overcoming it, or have a family member who is dealing with it…we have ALL been affected by cancer in some form or another. Relay for Life is an incredible event and takes the hard work and dedication of many of those mentioned above. For someone to work tirelessly to find a cure for an ailment, fundraise and organize these huge events, or to find it in their heart to give what they can to a cause, is an incredible gift. To be a part of Relay for Life in any small part is something that everyone can and should do. I have been absent from Relay for far too long. Being away at collage and living in Richmond, I just hadn’t MADE the time to attend in years. However, this year, I knew I had to photograph the event, capturing all of the emotions that it produces.

It really is an amazing place to be, watching people interact with one another. There are tears of sadness, over the loss of a loved one. Tears of joy, from triumphing this terrible illness. And finally, laughter, with the ability to enjoy life NOW.

I hope you enjoy my photographs. I would have loved to stay for all of the events, but it was a very long day.

For more information about how YOU can help with future Relay For Life events or donate to the American Cancer Society, click the links below:
Casey County Relay for Life
Casey County Relay For Life Facebook Page
Relay For Life
Relay For Life Facebook Page
American Cancer Society
To give to the American Cancer Society

Homer Hecht leading the First Christian Church in prayer.
Homer Hecht

The Survivors walking the first lap.

Casey County Relay For Life 2012

Vickie showing support for her group, the Lab Rats.
Casey County Relay For Life 2012
The First Christian Church’s t-shirt.

Casey County Relay For Life 2012

Brenda Buck showing off her wonderful hat for the Crazy Hat Lap.

Crazy Hats

The Newspaper Overalls Contest.

Scott Rousey conducting the auction.

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