A Month in Africa!

I am now a month into my Peace Corps Training with two more months to go! My fellow volunteers and I have been discussing our challenges and all seem very excited to be on our own when our training is finished and our service finally begins in September(for two years). I’m sure we will miss speaking English with fellow volunteers but we are all a little excited to cook for ourselves, have a little more privacy, and to have more free time! Our schedule during training is M-F, 8am-5:30pm and Sat from 8am-12:30pm. That leaves us very little free time to do anything. Although I do love my host family, it is nice to have some private time to contact friends back home, watch a TV show in my room, or write about my experiences.

Living with a new family who speak a completely different language than myself, has proved to be very challenging. It forces me to always have my Amharic learning brain on and right now, I just want to turn it off for a while! A break from a foreign language. I am slowly learning but it is a struggle for me.

Last night, I sat with some fellow PCT’s (Peace Corps Trainees) and we spent about an hour talking about all the food we miss already! It may be a tough two years without sushi, Chinese food, and some greasy junk food! We find ourselves drooling over the thought of a giant hamburger and frankly any kind of cheese. I’m not even a cheese person…but I would kill for a hunk of parmesan right now!

Now that I am a month into training, I have completed two weeks of practicum (supervised practical application…practice teaching). We co-taught for the first week in our classrooms and this last week, I was on my own. It is an amazing feeling to be up in front of a class here in Ethiopia. These kids are so excited and eager to learn English. Since it is their summer break, we have our practice classes on students who are choosing to come and learn during their summer to get extra help. So far, my classes have been anywhere from 4-15 students. We are expected to have 40-60 students in our classrooms once we arrive at our site!

In two more weeks I will learn where I will be placed in Ethiopia, and will have the chance to travel to see my future site! We are all excited and counting down to this moment!

Keep me in your thoughts as I work toward becoming a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia! I am so thankful for all the letters and packages everyone has sent so far! It helps more than you know! Please keep them up! To find where to send me a card or package…check out my Contact Info.

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