Three Weeks Remaining

Three Weeks Remaining of Peace Corps training!

We have two more weeks here in Butajira with our host families cooking amazing meals; Followed by a week in Addis with the luxury of hot showers and forenji (American) food.

All of the G11(our class) Peace Corps Trainees will then attend a formal affair at the US Embassy in Addis to officially be sworn in on September 19th! We are all counting down the days and super excited to officially become Peace Corps Volunteers. I am anxious to move to Deneba, integrate into my community, and finally get settled in to my new job and home.

Living out of a suitcase for three months and with a host family has been both a blessing and a challenge. I am ready to be on my own, cook for myself(a major form of comfort for me), and have my own space. However, I know I will miss my mom’s cooking, having a family to care for me when I am sick, and having the company of my host siblings.

I cannot express how amazing my host family has been during this transition in my life. They help me with my Amharic and cook amazing meals for me. Last night, I spent hours playing Go Fish with my brothers and sisters, sharing tootsie rolls from American, and laughing hysterically. I know I will miss them dearly. I think my favorite times with my family are when the electricity goes out or a big storm is beating down on the house. My mother and father become extra playful with my young brothers in order to comfort and entertain when the TV doesn’t work. We have spent many an evening cackling by candlelight.

I apologize for the randomness of photos. I am playing catch up from times when they wouldn’t load. I have included photos of my host family, good food in Addis, beautiful Deneba (my site), and my future home with all the amazing things the last PCV left for me.

Enjoy. Until we meet again…Peace!




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