My Second Year of Teaching

Ironically, this post was first named, “Back to School!” However, my lack of regular internet connections, combined with my crazy summer of photographing travels, left me very behind on blogging and getting photos uploaded. So, I am finally getting to post some photos from my 3rd semester of teaching English in Deneba. My new students have been just as amazing as last year, even though it was an adjustment learning new names and faces. I missed my old students and light up every time I see them around the school compound. Nevertheless, I do have several of my old students who are now in 10th grade in my English Club…I’ll tell you more about that later!

Some of the class photos below include:
-They dew a town map using colored pencils, labeling buildings, and places so we could practice giving directions in English.

-We alphabetized the entire class in each section by their names.

-Our Thanksgiving Day project was a success again year! Students wrote things they were thankful for on a piece of paper shaped like a feather and then it became a turkey by the end of class!

-Although difficult to see, they made posters using colored pencils for our health section. They drew and labeled different foods and put them into different food groups.

-The last photo is not as pretty as my normal Jeopardy game, but I have run out of colored paper recently, and need to buy more. Normally, each column (category), would be a different color. The top is labeled for a different topic studied in class, then as the students pick a category, I reveal the question that was before hidden, so they can answer with their team. After the correct answer has been given, I write it on the board, so they can copy notes into their exercise books to study for the exam. I generally do this game 1-2 class periods for each test. Often it reveals a topic I need to reteach or review more before the test. I have notice that doing a day of Jeopardy, then more review or reteach, then another day of jeopardy to see if it stuck, is a good schedule to review/help them study and check to see if they are getting it. They LOVE it and it makes it a lot more fun to study for them and for me!!

ALL photographs, designs, and text, are licensed by Cundiff Creative Photography and Graphic Design and are not to be used for commercial use or modified.

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