Let’s Talk!

One of the English Club activities I have done with my students, is group debate. I worked with them to brainstorm topic ideas, then as a group, they voted on what they wanted to debate. Since debate is a new concept for my club, I had them write their arguments and ideas on chart paper. I really enjoyed listening to their ideas and points of view.

One of my clubs decided to debate whether it is better to live in a city versus living in the countryside. I was surprised by how evenly split this argument was. Of course many students what to move to a bigger city someday, but many are very happy in Deneba, population 5,000. Those who chose the city said it was because goods, education, and transportation were more readily available. Those who chose the countryside, said it was because goods and transportation were cheaper.

My other club debated whether it is more important to have money or education. This was a very interesting debate as well. I was amazed by how many students were strongly tying their education to their ability to earn money. Those who chose money, were saying that basic necessities are more important than an education but also that with money they could buy nice things. So again, both sides made some interesting and fun points to listen to.

More fun pics of my awesome English Club kids!

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