Faces and Stories of Deneba

Excerpts from my students’ journals…

“I have 3 sister and 3 brother they live in different place. My two brother is a student they learn in Addis Ababa University. They study Medicine and my two sister have they own profession. One is a journalist and she can interpret and speak English fluently My one sister is a University lecture. She has a first degree by human medicine and she is learning master degree by human medicine. My one brother is a judge he has learnt the first degree from Bihrdar University. I am the last son in the family of 7 and my father passed away when I was a child. I at that time was very angry and disappointed. Now aday I live with my mother. My mother is very hard worker b/c after my father death she was a leader of family and she had a responsibility to administer our family. In this job my family grow teff, wheat, and bean. Now atime my brother and sister advance me to learn and become a good result by my education. I want to be a doctor in a future like Dr. Aklilu Lemma.”

“I absent from English Club two weeks because there were some problem to me. In life there is some thing that limit our goal (aim). I am very interest to participate in this club well, but absent sometimes because I live individually(without parents). I didn’t know my mother. I hear from my relatives, when I was 3 years old baby she died. There is my father but he married with other woman (she is my step-mother). After he married her there was conflict with me and my brothers.”
Therefore I forced to be individual. Since 2004 E.C. I am live in credit house. My relatives help me buy different things but last week I am absent from English club to work some money for payment of credit house. Therefore there is some things that limit our interesting & our activity but I hope that I win this!!! I can do! I can! I can do some thing! I have dream to be some thing and I success my goal but it requests strength!”

“If your diary is collectively written after few times it will be smart biography. If you want to be famous try to be perfect in your talent!”

“hi hi my life friend my worker weekend an activity is generally it is very bad b/c life hard very bad so by the way my weekend is not happy b/c difference material my life friend what is the meaning of life in my opinion life is dark and light I am so sorry my life friend.”

“Activity from Wednesday to Friday was English test is not good result resulte omy god very very dangerous English test”

“my diary name is called kiti these name referred from anna frank diary.”

“byzewe always sunday and saturday the same work”

My amazing English club students who are beautiful inside and out…

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