My Peace Corps COS Trip

Peace Corps ‘Close of Service’ trip to Ireland…
I have been dreaming of my trip to Ireland for about two years. Now that it is becoming a reality, it truly is everything I had imagined. The beautiful mountains, the blooming fields of Heather, and the picturesque small towns are all exactly how I imagined them to be.
Brita and I have been doing the hostel thing, traveling as cheaply as possible throughout Ireland. This has allowed us to meet some interesting people and see some places we would not otherwise be able to see. So far, we stayed in Dublin for two nights, traveled to Kilkenny for two nights, then from Kilkenny we drove to Jerpoint Abbey, Cork city, Blarney Castle, and are currently staying the night in Killarney.

This blog post includes photos up through Kilkenny. The rest will come soon!

In Dublin we enjoyed Dublin Castle, Guinness Brewery tour, Trinity College as well as some great beer and awesome food. Brita has two friends who live in Dublin, so they were able to show us some nice places to grab a pint and show us around a bit. Always a great way to experience a new city.

From Dublin, we hit the road and drove through Wicklow Mountains National Park and stopped by Glendalough to see the Early Medieval monastic settlement. In Wicklow National Park, Brita and I, got the chance to see the fields of Heather flowers in bloom. Something I have dreamed of seeing for a long long time.

We then headed on to Kilkenny for the next two nights. We had the chance to check out Kilnenny Castle, Dominican Black Abbey, St. Canice’s Parish, and the view from the top of St. Canice’s Cathedral.

Stay tuned for more Ireland photos…

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