Antelope Canyon, AZ

My Arizona bucket list is nearly complete as I visited Antelope Canyon. We ended up visiting the lower canyon due to the amount of sunlight available for the time of day and the time of year. For more information about a pro/con list of upper vs. lower click the link.  I am sure there are even more spectacular shots to be had in these canyons, but I am more than satisfied with what we were able to get. It was a spectacular day and the views just kept coming. Our tour guide was amazing and made sure to take photos of us throughout the canyon. He knew the best spots to have us pose, where famous photographs had been taken and provided so much information throughout the canyon. We had a spectacular time. The cost to enter the canyon with our required guide was $50 per person, it was worth every cent. Horseshoe-Antelope-6377Horseshoe-Antelope-6379Horseshoe-Antelope-6381Horseshoe-Antelope-6389Horseshoe-Antelope-6396Horseshoe-Antelope-6402Horseshoe-Antelope-6409Horseshoe-Antelope-6413Horseshoe-Antelope-6426

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