Night Sky, Lyrid Meteor Shower, 2020

While the experience of watching the Lyrid Meteor Shower from 2AM-4:30AM on April 22 was amazing, the photos do not capture the experiences. I enjoyed taking photos and watching the sky. I was able to experience 10-15 meteors per hour as I gazed into the night. However, the few enormous meteors that protruded from the night sky, even startling me, happen to occur when my shutter was not open. Capturing such fleeting moments can be trying and frustrating. My shutter was open for several smaller ones that didn’t’ seem to show up. I was also able to capture a few medium meteors that left something to be desired after 2 1/2 hours in the cold morning hours.

Of the 2 1/2 hours, my shutter was open during the major of that time, capturing hundreds of photos to get these few. Hats off to the true astrophotographers! It takes great patience!

Shot with a 10-22 mm lens at 10mm.

My camera settings were 800-1600 ISO, F3.5, 20-30 second exposure.



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