The Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop in Glendale, KY

My Dad is getting ready to turn seventy on the 17th of December. To honor that, my loving mother decided to throw a surprise birthday party for him. The plan was to get a large group of family and friends, from all around Kentucky, to The Whistle Stop, located in historic Glendale, KY. Glendale is a charming little town with a railroad track at the heart, whistling through like clockwork. The small community is filled with antique and gift shops, all within a two block radius. At the heart, right next to the railroad tracks, is the Whistle Stop Family Restaurant. Delightful country cooking.

While spending some time in Glendale, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of my cousin, Tammy’s two little boys, Thomas and William Gossage. They just happen to have a love of trains, instilled in them by my uncle David. From an early age I remember going down to uncle David’s basement to look at his model train set. It was, and still is spectacular and incredibly intricate! The boys really enjoyed walking up and down the tracks, waiting for the train to squash our pennies, and hunting for our disfigured coins. It was an enjoyable day in such an adorable little town.

The Gossage Boys with my brother, Jamin Cundiff.

Placing his penny.

© 2011 Cundiff Creative Photography and Graphic Design

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