Another Project Imagin8ion

LISLE: Suddenly I was in this place I'd never seen... And everything was white...

During the summer of 2011, I participated in the first contest for Project Imagina8tion, submitting several of my photos. The winning photos helped inspire a Hollywood short film. The eight winning photographs were selected by Ron Howard. They set the stage for the production, “when you find me.” The project just seemed fascinating to me. Photos, snapshots inspiring a motion picture. Even now, when I watch the trailer for the film and see the finalists’ photos in action, I feel like I was part of the project, simply by the fact that I participated. During the summer I took photos specifically for the project, asking a close friend, Ashley, to model. I spent a long time editing and learning new techniques. You don’t always have to be a winner to learn something new and give it all you’ve got. I took a chance to be a part of something!

Now I’ve seen a commercial on TV for Project Imagin8ion again. Announcing a new contest to interpret the screenplay with photos. So, here I go again. I don’t have nearly the time to devote to the project now, between work and other projects for Cundiff Creative. However, that did not stop me from submitting just one!

This is a photo of Ashley Davenport from our summer photo shoot. She was kind enough to model for the last project, but I didn’t end up submitting this photo. However, this time I thought it fit the excerpt perfectly.

The except I chose,

“Suddenly I was in this place I’d never seen…
And everything was white…”

So…once again, I encourage you to take a chance once in a while. Learn something new; dive into what you are passionate about, and let others in on the secret. Gifts are useless if you hide them. Take the plunge into your unknown abyss to find out what is on the other side. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Below is the trailer for the short film inspired by the 8 finalists from the first photo contest. Go to to see the photos that inspired this short film or go to my Cundiff Creative Facebook page to see the photos.

To see the photos I entered in the first contest, representing the categories; relationship, goal, obstacle, and the unknown go to:

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