Beautiful Day…Beautiful Memories

You may notice these are fall photos of the Durham and Bastin families. They were taken to be gifts and can only now be unveiled. This was a photo shoot consisting of one big happy family. The Durhams and Bastins are related by the fact that Ryan Durham and Misty Durham Bastin are siblings. The love this family has for one another is evident in the smiles and laughter they share. Everyone, from the adults to little Tatum, enjoyed the time together. The size of this group made this shoot very pleasant. I have come to know them all well, as Ashley is one of my closest friends.

I have divided this shoot into two posts: family and kids. I will be releasing the children’s part of the photo shoot soon. The day was beautiful, and I took a LOT of pictures! Several were family portraits, but I also enjoyed snapping candid shots of the children simply having a good time. Surprisingly, everyone stayed very happy considering the wide age range and the length of the shoot. I think it turned out to be a fun day for everyone, myself included. Kids Only: KEEP OUT! will be posted shortly, so stay tuned!

The Whole Gang

The Durhams

The Bastins

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