Kids Only: KEEP OUT!

As promised…a moment for the kids. The children of the Durham and Bastin families joined together to enjoy a bit of family fun in this extended family shoot. This group of cousins truly cherish spending time together. Tarah and Laura cannot be separated; Jacob is the man of the group while little Tatum (or “Tum-Tum” as she has become known) is simply adored by the other three. Can you blame them?

Tarah Durham
I followed the girls down to the rope swing before we got started with the shoot and couldn’t resist snapping a few. Tarah Durham braves going first.

Laura Bastin
Now it is Laura Bastin’s turn.

I loved how the colors of these rocks complimented the blue of the sky. The Durham’s black lab, Hank, couldn’t refrain from sneaking into this pose on the rock.

These kids just light up when they are in front of a camera, and so do their dogs. The Durham’s other lab, Gabby, is striking a pose at the top of the stairs on the right.

How can you resist playing in the leaves?

These were probably the kid’s favorite pictures to take. Little Tatum seemed to really ENJOY the leaves as well!

Tarah and Laura admiring the view from the balcony.

On the left, Tarah and Tatum Durham with Laura and Jacob Bastin on the right, all smiles!

Poor Jacob getting left out of the girls’ secret.

I love how close these two girls are. Even when they didn’t realize anyone was watching, they really put a lot of trust in one another, exhibited in their embraces.

“Tarah is my best, bestest friend!” Laura said, “I love her very much.”

The girls love to spend the night with one another, sitting up all night, talking about girl things.

Tarah is clearly a loving big sister; she was the one to pick out Tatum’s name.

Laura says she loves to make Jacob laugh. “(He) is a good big brother; he watches over me,” Laura says fondly of him.

After being surrounded by all these girls, Jacob seeks a moment alone.

If you haven’t had a chance to see these amazing children with the rest of their family in the Durham/Bastin Family photos, be sure to check them out in Beautiful Day…Beautiful Memories.

© 2012 Cundiff Creative Photography and Graphic Design

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