Are You Ready for Rob-a-Que?

So far my photography and graphic design blog has only featured photography, but that is about to change. I recently designed a logo for a company called Rob-a-Que. The owner, Rob Bailey, is venturing into the BBQ business. He purchased his big boy smoker, his camper to take adventurous road trips, and he has the passion. Rob plans to travel in his camper, entering BBQ contests and cater.

When Rob asked me to design his logo, he had a pretty solid idea in mind. He knew he wanted to stick with a symbolic pig design. He wanted the tag line, “BBQ is good!”, much like life. to be incorporated. I drew up a few rough sketches of different style pigs, some of the whole animal and others of its pretty little face.

Here is the result of sketches, my lovely iMac, some designer/client idea evolution, and a bit of time.

Rob-a-Que is based in Louisville, KY and would be more than happy to cater your next event! Rob-a-Que hickory smokes all his BBQ! Take it from someone who has personally savored some of this delicious BBQ, you’ve got to give it a try! Please contact:

Rob Bailey
Phone: 502.377.1147
Don’t forget to go to his Facebook page and become a fan! Rob-a-Que
Rob-A-Que NOW open for lunch starting Monday March 18th, 2013 11:00 -1:30
Come by & spread the word!!!
View Map for directions

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One thought on “Are You Ready for Rob-a-Que?

  1. rob-a-que catered our party with his wonderful hickory smoked bbq and delicious side dishes. great job and service! you have now gotten a pleased customer!! I will call again!!


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