My Form of Meditation

Yesterday was a day that I have difficulty describing for many reasons. A very close friend of mine, for whom I am actually in the process of working on maternity photos, was in labor. She experienced major complications while giving birth to her baby boy. Although her baby’s condition was wonderful, her status was critical for much of yesterday. Today, she is doing much better, and her doctors believe she will recover.

During yesterday’s emotional turmoil, while at work, sending and receiving bits and pieces of news, I found it difficult to say a real prayer. Yes, I said, “Dear God, let her be alright!” But in all the chaos, I couldn’t stop for humble prayer. My mind was trying to stay ‘at work’ and deal with children as well as keep my friends updated as I received information. I was juggling.

When I finally arrived home, I realized I no longer had anything to distract me from the fact that I couldn’t do anything to help my dear friend in her state of helplessness. I knew she was finally in surgery and would be for a while. So on this beautiful day, I grabbed my camera, went outside, captured God’s beauty, and prayed.

My form of meditation.

These photos are dedicated to a beautiful young woman, her wonderful husband, and their lovely new baby boy.

“With each spring comes new life, energy and green growth. In summer comes the sun, warm, kind and enduring. Fall brings its canvas of color in careful, gentle change. Winter brews into faithful strength, beauty in pure white. And then comes you. You are all that Nature offers, a blessing, a gift.. You are the fifth season.”
― Jason F. Wright

Redbud Tree




Dedicated to Lesli, Kerry, and Liam Tyler Patten. Love you and continued prayers.

© 2012 Cundiff Creative Photography and Graphic Design

5 thoughts on “My Form of Meditation

  1. Heather – that dandelion close-up shot had my insides melting. So beautiful. And a beautifully written post, as well.


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