2012’s Top 5 Moments

Happy New Year! I have managed to make it through a year of blogging! Yay! My first post was in November 2011, so 2012 has been my first FULL year of blogging for Cundiff Creative! It has been a very fulfilling experience! I have sincerely enjoyed keeping you captivated with photos of fascinating places, exciting events, and wonderful people. I am so thankful for those of you who invited me to be a part of your family, to capture those precious occasions! I hope to make 2013 another great year, and I pray your year is filled with picturesque moments. Stay tuned! In the meantime, take a look at 2012’s most visited Cundiff Creative entries.

Click the photos to view each entry in full…

1) Rainy Day Wedding Bliss
Heather Cape

2) Rob’s Red Hot Recipe

Event Coverage

3) My Form of Meditation



4) Carman & Cape Coming Together
Steven Cape & Heather Carman Cape

5) ‘I think I’ll go to Boston…’
Heather Cundiff Creative

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