Springtime Snow

While in our yard taking a few springtime photos, I caught an amazing sight. Snow in May! Of course it wasn’t really snow; millions of dandelion seeds were blowning through the field beside our house. From afar, when I first caught a glimpse of them, I was amazed. I thought, I have to get closer, before it stops! As I approached the field, it not only did not cease, but the entire time I shot, the field kept getting heavier and denser with white! No wonder our yard is impossible to keep clean of these weeds. They were blowing from somewhere unknown, up over a hillside into our yard. I shot dozens of photos trying to get the perfect one. I don’t think I quite captued the beauty, but the sight itself was amazing. I have also included a few other shots I took today, all around the yard. I really enjoyed shooting the beauty of spring this afternoon. Every now and then, a photographer gets lucky and has perfect lighting, sees a gorgeous bird, or perhaps sees a field of dancing dandelion seeds.

The dandelion seeds caught in a tiny spider web down in the grass.

Some tools in our back yard.

An old picket fence.

A beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker perched on a branch.

© 2012 Cundiff Creative Photography and Graphic Design

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