Picacho Peak State Park


On this beautiful Saturday, I decided to embark on a mini adventure before school starts back next week. I traveled a little over an hour south to Picacho Peak State Park. The park is located north of Tuscan, Arizona.  Picacho Peak State Park offers several hikes for the entrance fee of $7 per car. I began the morning with the more difficult Hunter Trail. I had read about the trail and had zero intention of completing it due to its level of difficulty. However, I did want to attempt a portion of it to take photos. As the morning grew warmer, the poppies popped open. A lovely mixture of lupine added the purple you see in the photos.

I then ventured to Calloway Trail, Nature Trail, and Children’s Cave Trail. These were all short easy hikes that made for easy stops to take photos.

Each photo became more beautiful than the last. It became hard to leave. I found myself wanting to pull over to take one last photo as I exited. It was hard to resist!

No flowers were harmed in the process of capturing images 🙂

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Area trampled by previous visitors…



Rethinking this hike 🙂



Another visitor who thinks that paths mean nothing…killing flowers.


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